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      Martial Arts Champions
      and Commentators
      Chris Casamassa
      and Don the Dragon Wilson


      World Champions
Tara Van Deusen and Angela Hayes
and Referee David Brock
      Womens Adult Sparring Finals
      USA International - IMAC
      Las Vegas, NV 2003


      World Champions
      Tara Van Deusen
      and Colin Van Deusen
      Between Rounds
      Las Vegas, NV 2003


      Karate Champion and
      film star ("Enter The Dragon")
      and martial arts pioneer
      Bob Wall of
      lends his expertise to Pepper Jay
      for Women Warriors
      California 2005

John Michael Ferrari's
Director's Demo Reel

Photos by Director
John Michael Ferrari

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(323) 957-1168 x 4

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Women Warriors series.


Women Warriors

Stories about Women Doing Amazing Things

Below are some Quicktime movies with music
of some of the martial artists
who contributed so generously to Women Warriors.

Photographed by John Michael Ferrari
Courtesy of Pepper Jay Productions

Al Szafranski Inside the Uniform

Alexandra Szafranski
July 2005 - Virginia - New York - Connecticut,

Many Facets of Christie Philips

Christie Philips
August 2005 - Hollywood, California

The Other Side of Dangerous Dottie White

Dottie White
August 2005 - Hollywood, California

The soft side of Christine Bannon Rodrigues

Christine Bannon-Rodrigues
Summer 2005
Providence, Rhode Island and Hollywood, California

Angi Hayes Outside the Ring

Angela Hayes
September 2005
Hollywood, California

Tamika Simmons Goes The Distance

Tamika Simmons
2005 - Hollywood, California


Pepper Jay Productions (c)
Hollywood, California USA

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